Our Services


We utilise high-quality recording equipment, a wide variety of interesting microphones, and a team of awesome studio engineers. Our recording process is stress free, creative, and produces amazing results!


Our mixing engineers are seasoned professionals who have lots of experience working with artists from a wide variety of backgrounds. Using bespoke mixing techniques tailored to suit the needs of your project, we work closely with you delivering a sleek mix that puts your talent in the spotlight.


During your time with us, you will have a dedicated producer who monitors the progress of the project and supports your vision, keeping you on track. The producer will learn the ins and outs of your project and work alongside the mixing engineer, adding creative flair.

Project Management

We offer a range of project management services from plan to action. If you have a project and you don’t know where to start, our team will work with you to facilitate, plan and accomplish your vision.  We’ll help develop schedules, systematic task lists, and will strategically plan your projects for you! Taking all the unnecessary pressure off yourself, enabling you to focus on being creative.

Please contact us with your enquires!